May 5, 2022 by News


  1. Elite Image Software Corporation has had a shadow of mistaken identity hanging over the company since its inception in 2010. An unscrupulous company with a similar name, Elite Image Marketing Inc., is a source of confusion and frustration for effected clients and business people alike.Elite Image Marketing Inc. has been named in numerous coupon scams in the Lower Mainland of BC and most recently in Calgary, Alberta area. In the scam, Elite Image Marketing enlists a business to promote a discounted service in their coupon book for sale to the public. At the bargain price of $55 dollars per coupon book, potential clients are lead to believe they would receive, in some instances, $400 dollar services for free; Sounds too good to be true? That’s because it is. Both store owners and clients become caught in a web of deceit, loss of money and loss of customers. Participating businesses scramble to keep potential customers happy but unfortunately they cannot afford to honour the bogus coupons.Once the scam has been run, those left standing in the fray now look to find the woman behind Elite Image Marketing but to no avail, she seems to vanish into the woodwork. During their desperate search, numerous individuals come across Elite Image Software Corporation, and because of their affiliation to marketing services, the mistaken identity begins.

    “We have received numerous calls and emails from effected customers caught in the wake of these scams” says Catrina Elliott, President of Elite Image Software Corporation, “We are appalled by the scam and regret the circumstance they now find themselves in”.

    Elite Image Software Corporation is an online service for business owners to upload their branded marketing materials which allows them to make quick and easy edits to their marketing pieces from anywhere in the world.

    “While we offer marketing software services, we are in no way related to Elite Image Marketing Inc. or their coupon scams. If you are a victim of Elite Image Marketing, we ask you to please contact your local authorities.”

    For additional information, please contact:

    Catrina Elliott, President
    Elite Image Software Corp.
    250 585 3822