May 4, 2022 by News


Well, aren’t we just the luckiest group of West Coast-ers there ever was?

Seems like summer isn’t ready to leave us yet, with the blue sky and sunshine making a come back after the downpour yesterday. The Weather Network says that it’s 12 degrees outside but it could be 20 from the way it looks inside this office.

Whew, what a busy time of the year! There was the business expo last week where we were pleased to see many familiar faces as well as many other friendly, new ones! Typically, the Expos that we have been involved in have been spread across two days, but the one-day schedule that the Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce went with this time sure brought out the crowds! There were students, suppliers, Cactus Club food being catered – and let’s not forget about the Halloween candy that was overflowing at every station. Every station except for ours actually.. Someone “forgot” it back at the office.

As well as the business expo, we also had a wonderful meeting with a group of MBA Students from VIU who are embarking on an analytical project of office relationships, co-working strategies, and the marketing aspect of a (fairly) new company. We were thrilled that they chose Elite Image ( to be their case study. What a bright, ambitious group of individuals! We wish them all the best, and hope that we could bestow some of our wisdom for their future endeavors.

Don’t forget that NOVEMBER 15TH is the date of our municipal elections. Voter turnout at the last election has been a lively topic of discussion – hopefully this talk about online voting will be the surge that Nanaimo needs to exercise our democratic rights to vote for leadership. Your voice DOES count, Nanaimo! To the younger generation that doesn’t think they can make a difference – why would you let the grown ups decide your future taxes? To the candidates – Good luck! To everyone – Please vote! We are excited to see where Nanaimo will be in the next four years.

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