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Big thanks to our clients in helping us become the company we are today!

Today we want to highlight Advanced Health and Sports Clinic!

A cutting edge multi-disciplinary injury rehabilitation clinic located in Nanaimo. Our President Catrina has personally been treated at Advanced, and raves about the outstanding service and level of knowledge they provide. We had an opportunity to interview the owners Anika and Jake and meet their clinic mascot Tia.

“Too often, physiotherapy is about being tucked away in a room as your therapist moves from one patient to the next, which is exactly what you will not find at Advanced Health + Sports Clinic. Our practice is built on care, we listen to your individual needs and value the idea that we are humans caring for humans. When you leave feeling vibrant and confident, so do we.”
– Jacob Lussier & Anika Miehe, Physiotherapists and Clinic Owners

We are a cutting edge multi-disciplinary injury rehabilitation clinic that provides:

-Athletic therapy
-Concussion Management
-Custom Orthotics and Athletic brace fitting

Ultimately, we strive to restore strength, function, and confidence for those looking to get back on track following a setback. We cherish pain-free movement and activity, and want to share this with our patients and facilitate their ability to lead healthy and happy lives.

We asked Jake & Anika why they love Nanaimo?

“Because Nanaimo is full of “real people” which makes it a great community to work with and a great place to settle down and raise a family. We are incredibly lucky to live in a place where we can hike mountains, swim in lakes and rivers, or go to the beach in any direction from a 10 minute drive. Nanaimo’s culture, activities, and landscape makes it one of the most well rounded places one could hope to be.”
– Jacob Lussier & Anika Miehe, Physiotherapists and Clinic Owners

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