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Whether it is giant billboards you drive by or a small sign in the window of your favourite coffee shop, sign advertising has been a primary go to since the late 1830’s. Since we are exposed to so many signs throughout our day, how do we know which ones people are paying attention to? How do you, as a business, create an attention grabbing sign that will let people know not only what you do, but how you can help them succeed with your service or product.
When first embarking on your sign project, it’s important to think what type of sign you’re looking for. There are MANY options to explore, but three of the most common sign advertising include Sandwich BoardsVinyl Banners, and Decals.


Sandwich Boards are a great way to display your services to those passing by your office or a great way to advertise at an event where there is a larger crowd. They are made of Coroplast, which is corrugated plastic which makes it great for outdoor use! You can effectively list the services that you offer while leaving your contact information for those who don’t have time to come into the office so  they can inquire further about your services. It’s eye catching and can even include just a few sentences to reel in potential clients. At Elite Image, we design and print Sandwich Boards. We also offer a Metal A Frame Sandwich Board.


Vinyl Banners can be used in a Pull Up stand or hanging at an event between poles or trees. They are a great way to have a more detailed list of your services as they are longer and can fit more information and pictures to effectively demonstrate who you are as a brand. At Elite Image we offer Vinyl Banners with the options of having rope in your banner for easy hanging or grommets in the banner so you can attach your own material for placement. We also offer the Pull Up stand for banners and will even insert it for you with your purchase.


Decals can be placed on anything from windows to mirrors and of course, an extremely effective way of advertising: decals on cars. Here at Elite Image we offer a quality car vinyl decal to withstand our West Coast weather. If you’re stopped at a red light or parked at the store, you have eyes on you everywhere you go; why not use that to your advantage? We can do any shapes and sizes and even offer installation so you don’t have to worry about doing it all yourself.

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