Brand Review

Brand Review – ask yourself these questions:

In a world predisposed to sameness, there are few things in life more satisfying than building brands that disrupt predisposition.  Brands move market share, brands move advertising-award judges, brands move culture.  Brand has meaning in people’s minds that exists beyond functionality.

1. What is the deep need that we satisfy with our service or product?

2. What is our core competence?  What are we really good at?

3. What is our niche market.

4. How can you create intangible, emotional bonds through every customer interaction.

5. How can we develop a brand that combines a name, personality, character and a reputation?

Once you answer these questions, to build a successful brand you must do the following four things:

1. Make a promise

2. Communicate your promise

3. Keep your promise

4. Strengthen your promise

Sources: 60 Minute Brand Strategist – Idris Mootee