Create an accessible brand for your dealers and franchisees

Whether you are starting a new franchise or your business has reached the level of success where your model includes multiple locations, dealers or franchises, your brand can face a crossroad. You strive to maintain brand integrity through all outlets and yet the expense of professionally tailoring each and every design item can make quality brand pieces feel out of reach. What is a business owner to do? Let Elite Image unlock your brand and power your business. What can Elite Image do to help?

Save your money

Whether you have a designer in house or you outsource, you can save money by having your branded materials accessible to your team. With a quick login, anyone on your team can access the professionally designed materials and make the updates; where you need them, as you need them. Your franchise owners will no longer need to create their own independent materials (that may not meet brand standards!) and you won’t have to pay to have multiple sets of the same design created. Easy on your pocketbook and easy to use!

Save your time

Your job is to run your business, manage your product or service and support your franchisees to achieve success. So where in that equation do you find the time to continually manage graphic design projects? With Elite Image, you can reduce the demand. Once you have your materials, any content or image updates can be quickly addressed from any computer with internet access and by anyone! If your dealer or franchisee desperately needs your brochure for a tradeshow but you don’t have one with their contact information – no problem! All they need to do it login, make the change and take the print-ready PDF to any print shop – anywhere! What could be simpler?

Save your brand

Maintaining the integrity of your brand is paramount. Your brand represents you, your business and the implied quality of your product or service in consumers’ minds. Once you introduce a dealer or franchise network, you open your brand to the chance that it will be manipulated in sub-par design usages. Enforcing brand standards traditionally proved challenging as each dealer or franchisee sought to solve their designed marketing materials by taking it into their own hands – and their own design! But with Elite Image, your dealers and franchisees receive the design support and materials they require. Through the support of your dealers and franchisees, you are ultimately strengthening your own brand, and most importantly your business!

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“WOWWWW! You have an amazing team, product and professionalism. It has truly been a relief working with Elite Image on bringing our brand to the next level. In this age of mediocrity, you have definitely separated from the pack. Please pass along my gratitude to everyone involved.”

Randy Langille – Founder of Integral Hockey Stick Repair