Elite Roots

Elite Image was founded in 2011 by Catrina Elliott. Started as a marketing firm with a unique twist, Elite offers stunning and cost effective marketing solutions for our business clients in the real estate and other industries.

We offer market research and strategy, branding and graphic design, public relations, social media and print services.

But what really separates us is our software: we have developed a custom, proprietary system that allows businesses to upload their marketing materials and edit them online. This frees up companies to quickly (and without any special applications or expertise) modify their digital or print materials from the comfort of any computer with access to the internet. They can then with the click of a button send the pieces directly to print. This saves our clients the time it would take to send changes to a graphic designer (and go through the entire revision process) and any of the costs of hiring a designer for these regular but simple changes. We bring it all together for your business.

We will make your business Elite! At Elite, we are confident that we will meet all of your expectations. We can deliver an outstanding brand that will land new business and foster new business connections. We will develop effective materials that will deliver the unique personality of your company. We will provide a set of tools to help you sustain your brand across all of your materials going forward. We will design and implement a web presence that will convince visitors to take the next step with your business. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience. We look forward to working with you!

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P: 250.591.0175