Looking for ideas to grow sales and increase your brand recognition? We’ve compiled a list to get you started.

  1. Publish and distribute great content – educate, inform and entice your prospects.
  2. Digital Marketing – leverage the internet and showcase your business to the world using Facebook, Twitter, Blog Posts, Newsletters, Email Blasts and YouTube videos.
  3. Customer Referral Programs – offer a free product, coupons, and promotions. Let your happy clients sell for you.
  4. Affiliate marketing – make a list of referral partners that target the same industry you do. Approach them, see if there is an opportunity to cross sell services and make more money!
  5. Business Cards – your business card is the first impression you make when meeting somebody new. Make it count.  A professional, classy and kick-ass business card will make you stand out from the crowd.
  6. Networking – practice your elevator pitch and make a calendar of local networking events and start meeting people!
  7. Consistency is key – remember that brand consistency is key to success. Your job as a marketer is to keep your product, company, and services top of mind.

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