Lesson 1: Joe’s Pearls of Wisdom

Excerpts from: Runway of Life by Joe Segal


“To be a winner in life and in business you must act like a winner, and what better way to do that than to emulate the habits of highly successful people.”


Lesson 1: Joe’s Pearls of Wisdom


1. If you haven’t experienced the bottom, you wouldn’t appreciate the top.


Ever wonder why some of the most successful people in business – the ones that manage to stay on top for decades – are those who have, at one time or another, failed magnificently. I believe it is because experience is the best teacher and if you are really going to succeed at anything, you have to now how – when your big plan blows up in your face – to pick yourself up and start building again.


2. Never question who takes more, just give more.

If you choose to focus on giving rather than taking – creating a sense that you have more than you need – you will always have an atmosphere of abundance in your life.


3. You must have a thirst for knowledge.

The world is constantly changing. You must learn and grow continually to keep up. The most successful people avail themselves of every opportunity to learn. It matters not whether you were born rich or poor, knowledge is the great equalizer. No matter what you come from, if you pursue knowledge, it can change your fate.


4.  Why buy a high-powered car if you aren’t going to drive it.

I’ve always wondered about why someone would go out and buy a Jaguar or a Ferrari and then never use it to its potential. They drive around town at 30 kilometers per hour, afraid of a scratch or ding. To me, that’s making a waste of a good car. What’s the point? Life is meant to be live and cars were made to be driven.


5. Everything is relative, some things are relevant and some things are not.

It’s not always easy to keep priorities in perspective; however, the ability to do so will be a great factor in determining how quickly you achieve your goals. Just as we must choose one specific career from many, we must also be discerning about which situations we need to deal with personally, which we should delegate to others and which we should ignore altogether. Being able to filter out which is not relevant frees us up to give more attention to what is important


6. Always play to your advantage, know your strengths – and your weaknesses.

Great leaders are those who, when faced with a challenge, can look within themselves, assessing both their strengths and weaknesses ad then take action or make strategic changes in accordance with what they see.


7. If I was starting out again today I would look for an opportunity that is going to teach me something.

In today’s knowledge economy, most of your value is inside your head, that means whatever you learn in one job, you should take it with you when you move on. If I was just starting out today, I would take advantage of this fact by looking for positions that would develop my technical skills. Opportunities often arise when you least expect them. My advice is to work hard and acquire as much knowledge and experience as you can, so when opportunity knocks, you will be ready for it.


8. Success is much more a matter of courage than ability.

Competing in business in today’s increasingly globalized world is a battle of wits; more than ability, it requires courage. Courage is not the lack of fear, it is fear plus action. Courage comes from deep within the heart and flushes away the paralysis created by fear; it is the willingness to reach beyond one’s comfort zone. Courage comes in many forms not only from thoughts and deeds of greatness, but in the everyday art of being true to your word. It is a skill that can be learned and strengthened through practice and it begins with the question. “What would I be doing if I were 10 times bolder?”


9. Most of us will not choose how we die, but we all choose – everyday – how we will live.

Free will is a beautiful thing, yet with it comes responsibility and accountability. The sum of your life rests on your shoulders. Only you can decide your fate through the priorities you set, the decisions you make, the efforts you spend, the sacrifices you make. What you choose for today will determine all of your tomorrows. Act accordingly!


10. Expect to win.

If you believe that you will win, you are already halfway there. The most common thing that holds us back is our own negative thoughts or expectations.


11. In all things, be bold.

Leaders with a bold approach usually build far higher morale than those with a defensive outlook. They actively encourage their people to use their initiative and “give it a go”. They expect and accept failures, but don’t reward those who do nothing and never risk failing.


12. You aren’t ready for the answer until you are ready to ask the question.

Expecting someone else to solve your problems is unrealistic and you don’t learn a damn thing from it. When you figure out what the question is, then you will be ready to find the answer.