Making More Sales and Generating More Leads and Closing Prospects

Building Your Business, Growth, Operations and Marketing Ideas

Sales Training: Your goal is to focus on your best buyers, increase your knowledge and get more clients and sales.

The Process and your Goal:

Create a rapport

What professional goals do they have?  How can you help achieve these goals?  What specific tidbit or info can you refer to at a later date? Bday party, activity they were doing

Qualify and Establish Need

Do you understand your clients/prospects needs and objectives?  What are the most pressing problems and how can you solve them?

Build Value

What do they consider valuable?  What benefits or add-on products would appeal to them and why they will continue to buy from you?

Create Desire

What is the pain point that you can solve?

Overcome Objections

What are their objections and how can you put them to rest?


What did they buy and why?

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