May 10, 2022 by News


  1. With the latest technology these days, all you hear about is Social Media Marketing. Make sure you tweet, set up a Facebook Fan Page, email marketing blasts, did you create your account with LinkedIn? These are all important tools to utilize in your marketing efforts, but diversification is key to a successful campaign. How many direct sales have you made from a tweet? A Facebook post? Social Media assists in developing a powerful brand online; but have you ever thought to yourself how many tweets or Facebook posts you come across on a daily basis? Your post could get lost in the sea of many posts.Stats released by Twitter reveal that users now send out more than 50 million tweets per day. That means every second, 600 tweets fly through Twitter’s network. Facebook has a statistics page that says its users post more than 60 million status updates per day. That is 700 status updates per second.How will you get noticed? Here are just a few ideas for you to use alongside your Social Media Marketing:
    1. Print advertising
    2. Pay Per Click campaigns
    3. Local networking events
    4. Press releases
    5. Promotional items

    We would love to get your opinion on the variety of Marketing tools you use to get noticed.