CATRINA ELLIOTT . president/founder . [email protected]

Catrina is natural leader and driven entrepreneur with a keen eye for business opportunities and an incredibly positive person to be around every day. She is an extremely accomplished woman who has been named:

  • 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year from the Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce Business & Community Achievement Awards
  • Winner of Top 20 Under 40 Business & Community Achievement Award
  • Elite Image was named Top 10 Best Company in Small Business BC Awards.

She’s the Director of the International Widows and Orphans Fund and gives her time and resources to many local and international charities.

She has taken several businesses, including Elite Image Graphic Design & Print Shop in Nanaimo, from start-ups to thriving enterprises using innovative approaches, strategic partnerships and a whole lot of elbow grease! Elite Image most recently acquired Coastal Colour Design & Printing in Parksville and Coastal Die Cut and Print Finishing in Victoria and is a partner for She can even drive an excavator, which we think is pretty boss, so we’re trying to find one to put her skills to the test

SHAYLEE ALLESTER . general manager . [email protected]

Shaylee, our General Manager has mastered the art of customer service and project management with her warm personality and high level of professionalism.  Shaylee truly is a unicorn in the business industry with her infectious smile and superb attention to detail. When she is not at work, she can often be found hiking with her dog Bandit or spending time with friends and family.

PETER MCGEE . marketing specialist . [email protected]

Peter is our enthusiastic new Marketing Specialist. With a background in Marketing, Communications and Business Advisory Services, Peter is thrilled to now be working with our clients to increase their brand awareness, and to help them tell compelling stories with beautiful marketing products!

Peter is a creative, through and through. He has a passion for using that creativity to help business owners and professionals grow their brands, ensuring the right messages resonate with the right audiences.

TRICIA KORKOWSKI . business development. [email protected]

Tricia is our newest face of Elite Image.  You will find her out in the community dropping by businesses and networking around the Island.  Her charismatic personality allows her the confidence to own the room wherever she goes.  Originally from Winnipeg, Tricia loves the island life.

She recently retired as a professional athlete after playing for the Canadian Indoor Women’s National Volleyball Team for 5 years where she travelled the world proudly wearing the Maple Leaf.  She doesn’t like to brag so we will do it for her!  Her competitive nature is an asset with her role in Business Development here are Elite

RENE UVANILE . print manager . [email protected]

Meet our Print Manager. What can we say about him? He’s a master printer, knows everything about it and it shows in his work. Rene is a no-nonsense work guy, who will work into the wee hours if it means getting something done. Outside of work, he’s a bit of a rugged, manly gentleman. He likes to go quading, play hockey and enjoy a good movie. If you have any questions about print, Rene is the guy to ask.

MASON KELLY . print production

Originally from Winnipeg, he moved here to play football for the VI Raiders. He has been playing football since he was nine years old and is an all-star defensive lineman. He loves the physically active lifestyle and tries to get outside to explore our beautiful island as much as possible in his free time. Mason also enjoys volunteering when he is not busy at work or playing football. Swing by the office or down to the football field to say hello! 🙂

CORINNA MAIER . graphic design . [email protected]

Take a 5.3ft bundle of creative enthusiasm, and you stumble upon Corinna. Her friends call her the “mom” because she will always have your back. Corinna loves the thrill of travelling and can’t wait to plan out her next trip! If you don’t find her with a coffee and pencil in hand she can be found eating, gardening, and exploring the beautiful island she calls home.


KIM CISAROSKI . accounts payable . [email protected]

What can we say about Kim? Well, to begin with she is more organized than a person without a team of assistants should be. Oh, and she’s tough as nails, but in the best kind of way! She is a genius with the numbers and is the heart of our Financial Department. She genuinely cares about her clients and is always on the lookout for their best interest.


KIM RASBERRY . accounts receivable/payable . [email protected]

Rasberry is Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable. If you have any billing related questions please don’t hesitate to give Kim a call. Her friendly demeanor makes paying a pleasure. Kim was born and raised in Nanaimo. She has been married for 25 years with two great sons, and is happy to welcome her two daughters-in-law to family this year. In her off time she enjoys traveling, mostly to Cuba, camping, skiing and golfing.

Kelly Henderson

Kelly Henderson . Manager

With 37 years in the print industry Kelly brings a team approach dynamic to managing the work place and his fellow employees at Coastal Colour Printing. With many years of playing sports, he has now hung up the blades to focus on his love for gardening on beautiful Vancouver Island, and the joy of being a grandparent.

Gary Saunders

Gary Saunders . Pressman

Gary has been with Coastal Colour Printing since 1995. Gary likes to spend time with his family and enjoy the outdoors, such as hiking, fly fishing and mountain biking. Born and raised on Vancouver Island, and fortunate enough to call it home.

Rod Wotherspoon

Rod Wotherspoon . Small offset Press & Letterpress Pressman

Rod joined Coastal in 2004. He moved to Vancouver Island in 1971 from Ontario and is still charmed by the Island’s natural beauty. Rod and his wife Chris love spending time with their 6 grandkids and family times at their cottage on Mudge Island.

Coastal Colour
Corey Henderson

Corey Henderson . Receptionist

After 23 years as a school librarian in Calgary, Corey and her husband decided to make the move to beautiful Vancouver Island. She joined Coastal Colour 2 years ago when the need for a receptionist arose. Corey loves working alongside her husband Kelly and the rest of the team. Corey’s many frequent visits with their family and especially the grandchildren are the highlights for her. Out of her many hobbies, gardening is her passion.

James Cook

James Cook . Pre-press/Layout Artist

James has been with Coastal Colour for 5 years now. He was born in Nelson, BC. James began his printing career in bindery & the operation of offset presses in Montreal. Returning to BC, he expanded into digital typesetting and page layout. At Coastal Colour James produces the film and burns the plates for the presses as well as digital and large format printing.

Jonathan MacPherson

Jonathan MacPherson . Prepress Tech and IT Support

Jonathan has been working in Print and Web design for almost 20 years. He finished a MSc. in Biology from UBC and has been in print and web with a side of catering ever since. He is an aspiring Bon Vivant, whose happy places include: Paddling his canoe in a local lake, Cooking up a feast for family or friends, or chilling on some tropical beach.

BRUNO . office pup . [email protected]

Bruno is a sweet boy and a good soul with a very tender heart. He is super friendly with all dogs, and makes friends with anybody (including donkeys!) Bruno loves long walks and never seems to tire out.

TIA . office pup . [email protected]

Tia is a lovable princess, and she especially loves you if you have food. Any food. In fact, she loves food so much that she can hear the tiniest crinkle of the smallest piece of cellophane and comes running. Tia is the big boss around here, don’t underestimate all seven pounds of her, she knows what she wants and nothing gets in her way.

GLO . office pup . [email protected]

Glo is our darling rescue from Peurto Vallarta. She’s a shy little girl, but her curiosity often gets the best of her. She’ll timidly give newcomers a tiny sniff before running away, just to coyly run back and do it again. While she’s still warming up to her new surroundings, copying everything her big brother, Bruno, does definitely instill a newfound confidence in her.

BANDIT . office pup . [email protected]

Nom nom nom