May 4, 2022 by News


The busiest shopping season of the year will be here very soon, so what better way to prepare than by organizing your business’s holiday printing efforts?

No matter what kind of business you’re running, it’s never too early to start thinking about how you will begin planning your marketing initiatives. The last thing you want is to be missing out on a key period for making new opportunities and strengthening your past ones. Take a look below at some of the print product you can start planning right now!


It is estimated that over seven billion greeting cards will be purchased across North America during this holiday season. Even when communicating with those around you has moved into the digital realm, receiving a physical Christmas greeting card can’t be beaten and is unlikely to be replaced. They are without question the most popular and common holiday printing item and have become a staple of the season.


Direct mail postcards hold a lot of value and significance at this time of year. They can serve as exemplary marketing tools during the holidays for B2B companies, as well as physical brick-and-mortar retailers and service-centric firms. They can also make for a good holiday printing alternative for those who want to go outside the norm from a regular greeting card, especially if the recipient lives far away. Postcards are also the cheapest item to mail, that makes sending out cards in bulk a very feasible, lucrative prospect.

They can also be customized to segments of your customer base for maximum efficiency. Spotlighting certain products that would appeal greatly to certain subgroups can lead to the receiver becoming intrigued and looking at what else is available online.

Including a coupon or promo code specific to the postcard is also a surefire strategy to ensure customers take notice of you.


While relatively simplistic from the outset, stickers and roll labels hold a lot of versatility in terms of what they offer and how they can be utilized. You can use them as gift and address labels, sealing envelopes for an added degree of adornment, and as product packaging stickers to ensure authenticity for your customers. Stickers and roll labels are already fantastic products for spreading word-of-mouth as a marketing practice, but this time of year their effect only increases into other areas of interest.


If you’re planning a special holiday sale or product promotion, flyers should be your first stop in getting the word out. Circulating them in a number of ways can ensure they are received and taken note of by the public.


For any business that wants to put their product offerings for the holidays front-and-center, booklets are a perfect way to do so. Compiling a seasonally focused grouping of tips and advice while also suggesting products you sell can be enticing and alluring for customers, especially if your marketing style is done in captivating fashion.


Wall Calendars are one of our favorite marketing products, as they give businesses the opportunity to have their branding and marketing message available year round. Their practical function and attractive designs encourage recipients to use them all year long. Month after month, custom calendars reinforce your client’s brand as customers flip the page. In some ways they can be a perfect gift!

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