May 5, 2022 by News


Hey friends! If you follow our blog, you shoudl probably follow our Facebook page ( ), and hopefully, if you follow us on Facebook, it lead you here!

We had a super silly review left on the page today that I really wanted to share.

Phil Duncan of Cargo Bed (gave us a 5-star review! Woop woop!) asked
“How would I go about purchasing Tia and Bruno?”

What!? You can’t buy our work puppies! They are the gems of the office. They are our guard dogs. The icing on the Elite cake.

We answered with the silly (and not at all serious) response of:

Well Phil, this is not the first time we have had this request.
To be eligible for transaction completion we require the following:
– Catrina would need an Elite Green Ferrari – custom paint of course, with our logo and branding
– An all inclusive trip for the entire Elite staff and their spouses to a warm destination (ex. Cuba or Jamaica)
– Season tickets to the Canucks and a private box for the print boys
– An endless supply of unicorn clothing and accessories for Shaylee
– Mike requires 6 candles, different colours, that all smell of coconut
– Halanna wants an excavator – for no particular reason other than to own one
Please see below for the dates that we are available for the all-inclusive vacations:
December 22nd-29th 2014
January 1st-8th 2015
*Please note, these are puppy-sitting qualifications only. They are not for sale, we love them too much*

For all of our other friends and followers: No, our puppies are not available for purchase. However, you are welcome to come and have a visit with them whenever you want! We are located at 2030 Boxwood Rd. in Nanaimo, and we always have coffee on!