July 9, 2020 by News


  1. Analyze your financials.  Ask yourself these questions:
    1. Where are you currently spending money?
    2. Where can you save and what expenses can you cut?
    3. Where can you become more efficient in your business operations
  2. What is the current market opportunity.
    1. Can you provide your product or service remotely?
    2. Have you reached out to your existing clients?  Touch base with them and see where you can help.
    3. Can you adapt your product or service offerings to align with the digital landscape?
  3. Increase your knowledge.
    1. Take a course specific to your industry.
    2. Study a new topic you would like to excel in.
    3. Start a new hobby.
  4. Stay Positive.

The world is a scary place right now, with much uncertainty.  But always remember, things will get better and life is always full of challenges and this is no different.

You’ve got this.