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Summarization of – The Brand Gap by Marty Neumeier
Well, now you need to learn to manage your brand as it expands. The more successful and widely distributed your brand is, the stronger your brand management needs to be.

What you will need is a continuing brand education program, which would include items such as:

  • Brand Orientation
  • Brand Seminars
  • Positioning Workshops
  • Brand Audits
  • Strategy Summits
  • Creative Councils
  • Quarterly Critiques
  • Group Brainstorming

Remember to bridge the gap between logic and magic by mastering and overseeing all 5 disciplines of brand building:

1. Differentiate

2. Collaborate

3. Innovate

4. Validate

5. Cultivate

(See last weeks Wisdom Wednesday for a breakdown of the 5 brand building disciplines.)

Elite Image – Brand Management Software

Now this is where we at Elite Image can step in and assist you with your brand management.

Our innovative Brand Management Software allows you to create and print customize on-brand marketing collateral to the tightest of deadlines with our web-to-print technology.  The Elite Image software allows you to have your marketing material’s photos and text customizable and then produces high resolution PDF’s of your completed material – ready to be sent to print, E-blast/E-newsletters or to social media.

You can access this software from any computer that is connected to the Internet and at any time giving you full and easy control of your company’s branding.

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Reflection: Building a branding team for your business, even if it’s just starting out can be a great boost to your company’s success in the marketplace. You cannot build your brand overnight and leave it. Brands need to be living and evolving entities that need to be managed and nurtured to keep them relevant and effective. This is not to say that every year you need a new logo, name, and message as brand consistency is key so your audience knows you and can indentify you from others in your market, but that your advertising must utilize your brand creatively and differently to continue to excite and intrigue your audience to purchase your product or service over years. A great example of this is Coca-Cola. Their consistency of name, logo, and company message has been rock solid for decades (I have read that their logo has been referred to being the most recognizable symbol on the planet), but the way they advertise themselves across media platforms (packaging, the websites, social media, television, contests etc.) is constantly changing and adapting to current trends and styles and they are always finding new media platforms to put their name out into the marketplace – expanding and keeping their audience interested.

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Summarization of – The Runway of Life by Joe Segal