May 5, 2022 by News


  1. A professional looking direct mail piece can deliver a personalised, engaging message to your prospective client. With the potential to reach a specific target audience and have the ability to track your response rate, print marketing is an essential tool for every business. Here is a list of a few do’s and don’ts for print marketing.DO:
    1. DO use professional photography
    2. DO always double check the content for spelling mistakes
    3. DO keep your brand consistent
    4. DO include a compelling, catchy heading
    5. DO have a call to action


    1. DON’T mail your piece once, consistency is key
    2. DON’T just use a direct mail piece for your marketing, diversification is key to your campaign. Online marketing, press releases and networking events to name a few
    3. DON’T forget to include all of your contact information
    4. DON’T forget to include the benefit in contacting you
    5. DON’T spend thousands on design and print…DO contact Elite Image to get the best prices guaranteed on your marketing piece