May 5, 2022 by News


My oh my! What an incredibly busy week here at the Elite Image office; and we do mean “incredible” as well as “busy”.

Our beautiful designer is back in the office after a (very well deserved) vacation/road trip to see her family in Saskatchewan. Instantly we overwhelmed her with rush! Rush! Rush! Requests from and for our clients. Our fabulous assistant caught a case of the “childrens flu” from the fair with her neice this weekend – ah, the fair. Of course, this week is the week where all of our phone lines are blinking non-stop, new clients need quotes and consultations, and our fabulous president is required over in Vancouver!

Things have gotten a little crazy, to say the least.

What I’ve noticed with busy days are

a) They speed by! “Oh, hey there Friday! We’ve been looking for you since last Friday!”

b) Your “A” Game appears, suddenly and without warning! You know what I mean? All pistons are firing and your heart race increases and you’re shoved into a couple uncomfortable situations and BAM! You’re an educated, articulate, professional with the answers to the unvierse. Your creative eye is sharpened and the ideas are pouring out faster than your fingers can type. Cute new clients? Okay, okay, keeping it professional.

c) Energy attracts energy! The more articulate, creative and flirty – ahem – professional you act, the more sales that come flowing in!


Everyone wins.

Thank you all for your patience and understand in this interesting time. Please feel free to contact us VIA email at or call us at 250.591.0175 or stop in to 2030 Boxwood Rd. Whatever is easiest for you! There is always coffee on and someone friendly that will be happy to take care of you!