May 5, 2022 by News


  1.  Your colleagues will be jealous.
    Ever look over the fence at your neighbour’s yard? Now imagine if parked in your backyard was a shiny, red lawnmower that cut the grass automatically whenever you want. Elite is your marketing equivalent.
  2.  “Are you a designer? Because I’m not a designer.”
    The skills and expertise of a designer are indispensible. But do they need to perform every tiny modification to your materials? “I want to change my title from President to CEO. Why do I have to wait until after the weekend?” Now you don’t.
  3.  All of the cool kids are doing it.
    Top producers in all industries use tools to make them more effective. They use schedulers to keep track of their time. They use smart phones to stay connected. They use Elite to manage their marketing materials. How cool do you want to be?
  4.  “Maybe I want to change my brochure at 3 AM in my underwear!”
    The internet doesn’t go to sleep or care what you’re wearing. That’s why we built our service on top of it. We know business doesn’t sleep, so why should your marketing?
  5.  It don’t matter if you’re black & white or full colour.
    Whatever your materials look like is how they will look and behave in our software. Have a super fancy business card and a utilitarian sales sheet? Done and done.
  6.  You only wish you were Mark Zuckerberg.
    Your marketing budget is one of the most important factors in the success of your business. Overspend in one area and another is neglected. Our software allows your entire budget to go farther, whether it is spent on fliers or Facebook.
  7.  Because a robot version of yourself would be creepy.
    Ever wish there were two of you because of how little time there seems to be in a day? The Elite software gives you time instead of taking it away. No longer must you wait for changes or struggle with cumbersome software. Elite is agile and ready to work for you.
  8.  Your millionth mailer should look like your first one.
    For your brand, consistency is king. Even the best designers in the world can stray from the course over the endless revision cycle. We ensure your brand is airtight for its life.
  9.  Coffee flows freely in the Elite Offices.
    We are your dedicated marketing support network. Need a new look for your company? We’ve got you covered. Need those brochures yesterday? We’ll get in our time machines and deliver. Okay, maybe too much coffee.
  10.  There is no “fashionably late” in business.
    The first business to adopt a game-changing technology is always at an advantage and the last a disadvantage. Where do you want your business to fit on that scale?