Thankful Thursday

September gets so wild, sometimes you have to sit back and take a deep breath. (Recommended during breaks and not intended to suggest that you ignore multiple ringing phone lines)

When you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed, it always makes me feel better to get out of my head and concentrate on all the amazing things that we can take for granted in the day-to-day hustle of business.

– Working indoors, safe from the elements, with a gorgeous view of Mt. Benson
– Headphones – a variety of competing music styles in the office is only fun once in a while
– On that note, we're thankful that there are doors between the front office and the print room so the rap lyrics don't permeate the front office
– Co-workers that can appreciate each others talents and give support where needed
– Paper orders that come on time
– Clients that are so appreciative that they come in and supply you with lunch (this is not typical – just so happens that Farm to Fire is a portable food vendor – )
– Sunshine #westcoastbestcoast
– Cold/Room Temp/Hot filtered water at our fingertips (Anyone else take this for granted? Try to give thanks each and every time you get a glass of water during the day.)
– All of our amazing clients that are continuously giving us rave reviews, referrals, and popping by to tell us how much they appreciate us!  Talk about a thankful train.

Being grateful for the little things has an amazing affect on your well-being. You'll find that once you start to list the little things to be thankful for, the list is endless. Fresh air? Clean water? A roof over your head? A warm, welcoming family? (Crazy families also included).

Do us a little favor, try to think of five things that you're thankful for, tomorrow, before you even get out of bed! And then stop in the Elite Image office at 2030 Boxwood Rd. and tell us how AMAZING your Friday is going! Mention this post and get 10% ANY print order!


<3 The Elite Team