Football Fridays

Posted on October 6, 2014 by

HEY GUYS! I hope that all of wonderful, loyal clients/followers had a great weekend! Was it filled with birthday parties, basketball games and laser tag? Not to brag or anything... This post is mostly a shout-out to our print production team … Continue reading →

Top 5 Friday

Posted on September 26, 2014 by

TOP 5 FRIDAY:::.... 5.  It is a very excited time a couple close friends get amped up for the upcoming ELECTION! 4. RAIN. Yep. I said it. It might be a Wet Coast but it's still the Best Coast! <3 (Green is our favorite colour) … Continue reading →

Puppies NOT for sale :)

Posted on September 23, 2014 by

Hey friends! If you follow our blog, you shoudl probably follow our Facebook page ( ), and hopefully, if you follow us on Facebook, it lead you here! We had a super silly review left on the page … Continue reading →

Hippy Hoppy Happy

Posted on September 15, 2014 by

Well, hello! Thank you for joining us at the Elite blog on this beautiful September Monday. Only another hour left until we can return home to our families, cats, or couches. What a wonderful weekend we had! (Minus the drought) The Elite Team … Continue reading →

Top 5 Friday::..

Posted on September 12, 2014 by

Top 5 Friday:::... 5. Sunny September days. So thankful that we haven't had to bring out our winter jackets as soon as our friends in Alberta did. Soaking up as much vitamin D before the winter hits is key to keep everyone happy campers. 4. … Continue reading →

Thankful Thursday

Posted on September 11, 2014 by

September gets so wild, sometimes you have to sit back and take a deep breath. (Recommended during breaks and not intended to suggest that you ignore multiple ringing phone lines) When you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed, it always makes … Continue reading →

Too Cool Tuesday

Posted on September 9, 2014 by

My oh my! What an incredibly busy week here at the Elite Image office; and we do mean "incredible" as well as "busy". Our beautiful designer is back in the office after a (very well deserved) vacation/road trip to see her … Continue reading →